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Welcome to DinoPolis Economy!

This is an economy based on the collection and interaction of crypto enthusiasts from all corners of the globe in the DinoPolis community. Our economy is designed for those who want to participate in decentralised cryptocurrency mining, but don't have that option. High cost of equipment and electricity, inaccessibility of components and equipment repair, specifics of equipment placement: cooling and noise reduction, difficulties with local legislation in the field of cryptocurrency regulation - this is a partial list of problems that a novice crypto-enthusiast has.
The world of cryptocurrency and NFT is still in its infancy and acceptance by the global community, so our team wants everyone to be part of this cool and fast-growing industry.

The DinoPolis Economy represents

10.000 GenesisDino NFTs

GenesisDino NFTs entitle their owner to a significant share of the total HashRate, according to each Dino's characteristic and its unique attributes. These NFTs participate in the economy and extraction of in-game resources, including the DinoToken ($DNP).

Cryptocurrency mining infrastructure

Funds from the sale of GenesisDino NFT and EvoDino NFT are used to purchase mining equipment with all the infrastructure: electrical equipment, premises to house and maintain the equipment. All of this is the property of the DinoPolis community.

Dino Breeding

EvoDino NFT, which appeared after GenesisDino NFT's breeding, allows its owner to mine in-game resources, a Dino token in the Play-To-Earn Game from DinoPolis, as well as a share of the total HashRate, but different from that of GenesisDino.

Dino Token

25% of the total amount of cryptocurrency mined is converted to in-game token $DNP, and fills the in-game pool. Charges for character upgrades, selling/buying in-game items, charging a fee for character breed.


These are the NFTs needed to live, mined in the Play-To-Earn Game and created by members of the DinoPolis community. They can be bought and sold in the DinoMarket for in-game token $DNP.

Other DinoPolis community items

Dino NFT holders and other participants in the DinoPolis community need to understand that this is not an investment and that there is no guarantee for a steady income. Holders of all NFTs do not receive dividends or royalties. You simply own an NFT, which visually represents the proportional power of the pool and has the likelihood of receiving a reward for their ownership.
The DinoPolis community aims to mine cryptocurrencies, promote decentralisation of cryptocurrencies and get everyone involved in becoming an industry.
Thank you to everyone who is with us!
Regards, DinoPolis Team.

About DinoPolis

DinoPolis is a Mining NFT project, also expressed as a Play-To-Earn Game. DinoPolis gives anyone the opportunity to become part of the crypto industry and have their own share of the total global cryptocurrency HashRate. It consists of a multitude of infrastructure elements, with 10.000 GenesisDino NFTs being the main ones. Each of these NFTs has a unique set of attributes with different characteristics, which are expressed in individual HashPower, based on which the share of the total pool is calculated.
Proceeds from the sale of GenesisDino NFT are used to purchase equipment for mining decentralised cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH/ETC, ZIL, LTC, DOGE and the necessary infrastructure for full operation. The additional funds generated by the project will be used for its further development; increasing the overall hash rate, by purchasing additional equipment and to ensure the smooth operation of the entire infrastructure. In the next phases of the project's development, devices can be purchased to mine new promising coins.
DinoPolis will be a world-leading project that brings together all participants who want to:
  • Own their own share of the cryptocurrency mining HashRate without buying expensive equipment and maintaining it;
  • Collect NFTs;
  • Play-To-Earn.
All of these people, like us, have one thing in common: the desire to be part of the crypto industry, to help bring it to the masses and be accepted by society.


The DinoPolis project was founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts, programmers, web designers, and executives who have reached the heights in previous fields. Each member of the team has been involved in the crypto industry and its establishment in their region since 2017. The members own their own infrastructure of varying capacities for cryptocurrency mining; have stable relationships with suppliers of mining equipment and components, equipment maintenance and repair; with power supply specialists, and with local governments in each region that have surplus and low power costs.


There has been a recent trend towards NFT-based Play-To-Earn Games. However, it usually comes down to selling packages with characters or lands that give you a certain income in the future. If the project has an influx of new users and a closed economic system, your income will be constant for a while or may show growth, but then the income and the value of your assets will go down. However, if the internal token in the ecosystem is not involved and there is no inflow of players, the rewards and the value of your assets in the game will decrease, tending to zero.
Everyone knows games like Axie Infinity on the Ethereum/Ronin blockchain, Alien Worlds and Farmers World on the Wax blockchain, and many others.
Our vision is qualitatively different. We want to create a sustainable infrastructure based on decentralised cryptocurrency mining, which provides the project's economy, and then launch the game with the possibility to earn money.
The amount of income will depend directly on the characteristics of the NFT character, luck and skills of the player himself.
The Play-To-Earn Game adventure from DinoPolis will be playable in a browser on a Mac or Windows PC (Q3-Q4, 2022) as well as in the IOS and Android mobile apps (Q1-Q2, 2023).

How the DinoPolis project is useful?

  • It solves the problem of accessibility and owning the own cryptocurrency hash rate capacity. Anyone can become part of the crypto industry without a large investment.
  • It solves the problem of buying expensive mining equipment. Wholesale purchases are cheaper, suppliers are verified.
  • It solves the problem of connecting purchased equipment to electricity. There is a surplus of electricity in the Siberian region. Electricity costs are from $0.05kWh.
  • It solves the problem of controlling uninterrupted operation of equipment when mining cryptocurrencies. The team consists of professionals assembling, setting up and maintaining the equipment.
  • It solves the problem of cooling of the mining equipment. The average annual temperature in the Siberian region where the equipment is installed at -1 Β° C / 30 Β° F.
  • It solves the problem of carbon footprint in the environment when mining equipment is operating. Electricity to run the equipment is generated from renewable sources - hydroelectric power plants. Consideration is given to the possibility of recycling the heat generated.

DinoPolis mining equipment, infrastructure and costs

DinoPolis will use the most modern and efficient miners for cryptocurrency mining, such as:
  • Antminer S19 Pro;
  • MicroBT Whatsminer M30S++;
  • Antminer L7;
  • Goldshell LT6;
  • Innosilicon A6.
We strive to achieve maximum HashRate in BTC, ETH/ETC, ZIL, LTC, DOGE mining based on energy efficiency and hardware cost. After 2 months of selling 10.000 GenesisDino NFT, it is planned to commission the initial purchased equipment. Then gradually scale up with the remaining funds from the EvoDino NFT breed.
The DinoPolis team expects an average electricity cost of $0.05kWh, as the DinoPolis community's mining equipment location in the Siberian region has hydroelectric power plants and a power surplus.
In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the DinoPolis team plans to recycle the heat from the equipment. The heat will be used to heat agricultural greenhouses that produce fruit and vegetables for the Siberian region throughout the year.
Given the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, the price of equipment and electricity, the average payback period for the equipment will be around 11-13 months.
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